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Our goal is to share information with you that can improve your health.  Everyone wants to be healthy, full of life, and have an abundance of energy.  My image of health is living in happiness with energy to take care of those I love.  The water symbolizes some of the most happy moments in life when I was full of energy and went cruising or racing. As these pages continue to be built we'll share information that improved our family's and friend's lives.  We believe you'll benefit from the stories and knowledge transfer.

I am a certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  I am not a doctor.  Please ensure you discuss any medical conditions with your physician.


~Coach Jamie

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Health thru Super Fruits

Try a nutritionally dense blend of seven super fruit extracts that may optimize your health found in Seven+ Classic.  Active adults may find Seven+ Pro beneficial for energy, stress, and faster recovery from exercise.  Seven+ Focus may increase energy and mental clarity.

Fresh brewed coffee instantly

Summa is liquid concentrated fresh brewed coffee with garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones.  There's no preservatives and even tastes great black!  Take advantage of the BOGO offer.